Recognises a highly professional, motivated and well-led company that demonstrates best practice and total commitment to UKWA’s key principles of working safely, ethically and profitably.


In 2016 Miniclipper Logistics was announced as the winner of UKWA’s Warehouse Company of the Year award and that success has only served to make the company more determined to achieve the highest standards in all aspects of its business. During the last two years Miniclipper has created an additional 2000 pallet locations by investing in a new VNA racking layout while a spend of some £107,000 in an upgraded WMS has brought further efficiency to the business. In 2017 business analysts Grant Thornton included Miniclipper in a list of Bedfordshire’s Top 100 companies and, with an annual turnover of over £13 million and sustained growth of 10 per cent per annum, Miniclipper is one of the leading privately-owned companies in its region.


Over the past 10 years, Voiteq has been working in partnership with the UK’s second largest chain of supermarkets, Sainsbury’s. Supporting the retailer’s vision focused on its people, Voiteq has worked to build relationships within the structure of Sainsbury’s to achieve a continuous association; from the implementation of VoiceMan Picking solution as a middleware, to working alongside WMS providers and tailoring its solutions to ensure the user experience and service received is first class.

Sainsbury’s Dave Jacobs says: “Voiteq’s solutions are tailored to meet exact customer requirements and the Voiteq team are approachable, professional and very customer focused.”


A fulfillment specialist, Walker Logistics is one of the UK’s fastest growing third party logistics services companies. In the past 18 months it has added 25 new accounts to its client base and seen its annual gross profit increase by some 15% per cent.

A family-owned and operated business, Walker invests significantly in its infrastructure and staff to ensure that efficiency targets are met.

Corporate social responsibility is high on Walker’s agenda and this year will see the company open a free-to-enter museum on its site that will help educate all age groups and nationalities on the significant role that the local area played during the Second World War.

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