Awarded to the company that best demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and the most successful application of energy efficient processes.


Howard Tenens is a pioneer of sustainable logistics and an early adopter of dual-fuel vehicles. The company has invested some £2m to date to make its operations ‘greener’ and, since, 2012, has cut its CO2 emissions by 22 per cent.

In addition to the advances it has made in improving the environmental efficiency of its vehicle fleet, the company has taken steps to optimize the eco-friendly credentials of its warehouse estate. For example, Howard Tenens’ first solar photovoltaic array was installed at its site at Sharpness in 2014 while a second installation followed in 2016. Together, the installations have generated some 700,000 kWh per annum – 75 per cent of which is used on site with the rest exported to the grid – and are estimated to save around 200 tonnes of CO2 each year.


The Holophane Primaspace has been designed to offer a best in class lighting solution for warehouses, logistics centres and other industrial buildings. The Primaspace fitting can cater for open areas and high bay racking applications alike while maintaining design continuity. The design of the light modules allows rotation through 180 degrees allowing the user to customise the distribution to suit each unique environment.

Emergency lighting modules, motion sensors, daylight dimming photocells and an integrated control system can be mounted within the modules themselves or as standalone units within the trunking system.


When a major retailer of domestic pet supplies and veterinary services set out on a mission to significantly reduce energy expenditure across its warehouse hubs, retail stores and vets practices, Luxonic was invited to provide a lighting solution that would deliver significant operational savings. Some 16,000 luminaires from Luxonic’s Hi-MAX LED range have been installed at the company’s sites across the UK. A return on investment was generated in just two and a half years and the retailer now reports energy cost savings of £2.9million a year and a CO2 saving of 9,762 tonnes.

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