The customer, Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturer with more than 3,300 employees, needed a supplier capable of delivering a customised temporary warehouse which could be installed at their existing distribution centre. The purpose of the temporary building was to provide an insulated distribution and loading and unloading area of cabinets and kitchen shelving at their busy 24/7 main production site.

At an initial site visit the Herchenbach team identified the particular requirements of the client and the optimal configuration of a temporary structure to meet them. The solution was a semi-permanent structure of 45m width, 40m length and 6.2m internal clear height. The structure has aluminium frame walls made of insulated steel panels and an insulated roof made of highgrade industrial PVC tarpaulin, to ensure that the building would be able to be heated efficiently to ca. 20 degrees Celsius during cold periods of the year. As the newly produced kitchen units are humidity and temperature sensitive, the complete satisfaction of this requirement was critical the customer’s decision-making process.

The building was to be sited on uneven ground and connected to two existing warehouses, which Herchenbach was able to accommodate as well as also installing an additional partition wall to create a weather proof loading bay. Energy efficient LED lighting and a customised rainwater downpipe layout rounded the specifications off.

The customer was impressed by how quickly they could have a new storage facility on site, just weeks from first contact to fully functioning on-site warehouse. The building was completely installed in just under 20 working days, without significant disruptions to the internal logistics and processes. The long-term durability, in terms of the structure, was something that the customer’s site manager was especially impressed by once he saw the finished building.

Herchenbach’s commitment to excellence goes beyond the industry standard as its designs are engineered to meet and exceed industry standards and are 100% compliant with BS EN 1991 EUROCODE permanent building norms. The designs are reviewed for strength and functionality to provide structures that are safe, built to last and meet the highest engineering and regulatory standards.

Herchenbach is a trusted provider of semi-permanent buildings, delivering solutions to capacity problems. Herchenbach is able to offer expert solutions to the most challenging circumstances, it is one of only few UK providers that manufactures its temporary building solutions itself. This allows them to not only better understand client needs, but also to provide a solution that comes directly from the manufacturer’s technical desk, ensuring optimal and smart solutions for the most complicated situations.


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