The Rotalink team pride themselves on helping their clients to select the optimum product for their specific applications; a market driven supplier of miniature power transmission systems and controls, Rotalink are dedicated to supporting a global network of customers that demand world class performance.

A leading provider of miniature power transmission motors to a large and expanding customer base; Rotalink were beginning to experience an increase in demand for supply of their products and subsequently, increased levels of activity within their warehouse facility.

“Gideon Hillman Consulting conducted a detailed operational site visit, which enabled them to provide Rotalink with suggestions on how to optimise the capacity of their new warehouse facility, improve operator performance and security of their products. Seeking support from the Specialist Logistics and Warehouse consultants at Gideon Hillman Consulting enabled Rotalink to successfully support their increased business activities; for which practical and relevant suggestions were provided, with consideration shown to incorporating the company’s bespoke growth plan.” Production Controller – Rotalink.

Recognising their requirement for increased warehouse capacity, whilst experiencing prominent levels of activity, Rotalink wished to better manage their products and deliveries. After conducting a careful selection process and identifying their wealth of knowledge and experience within the Logistics and Warehouse Industry; Rotalink enlisted the expert support of Specialist Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants at Gideon Hillman Consulting (GH).

Rotalink’s requirement was to provide the management team with design layouts for a new warehouse, whilst ensuring that the existing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warehousing operations, were optimised to support business operations.

Forming the basis of a capacity assessment, various elements that had the potential to constrain Rotalink’s facility capacity, such as inbound doors, inbound marshalling space and storage space, were reviewed.

Focused on supporting Rotalink’s increased business activities, GH provided Rotalink with a basis for assessing opportunities for improvement e.g. changes to their Materials Handling Equipment (MHE), and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS).

Subsequently this review enabled GH to provide Rotalink with design layouts and operational areas within a proposed new facility, alongside CAD design layouts for pallet racking and automated storage systems, with the main purpose of successfully optimising Rotalink’s building heights and floor space; whilst simultaneously providing Rotalink with suggestions on how to mitigate any potential constraints and get the most out of the facility; relevant to their specific company growth forecasting. GH proposed layouts and operational areas to Rotalink, within a modern design facility, which supported increased business activities by optimising Rotalink’s building heights, floor space and operating processes.

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