What if you could free up rows and rows of shelf space in your warehouse simply by switching to a different packing medium. And what if that packaging was more effective, easier to use and environmentally friendly. Would you switch? It sounds like a nobrainer and in all honesty, it is!

As a packaging supplier we spend a lot of time in a lot of different warehouses and it’s astonishing to see the amount of valuable warehouse space that is taken up with roll after roll of bubble wrap or bags polystyrene chips.

Let’s do the numbers

Our 100% recycled paper rolls are delivered on single euro pallets. A single euro pallet of paper converts to around 40 cubic metres of packaging! This is a huge amount of packaging which only takes up a few feet of storage space.

By way of comparison, an average bag of loose chip polystyrene is around 0.5 cubic metres which means to get the equivalent amount of packaging you would need around 80 bags, and it would be a similar story for an average sized roll of bubble wrap. It’s easy now to visualise the significant amount of space that can be saved by using paper.

Every square metre of warehouse space has a value, both in terms of size plus the value of its use, so it makes commercial sense to use the space as efficiently as possible.

How does green packaging compare?

Apart from the opportunity to save significant amounts of warehouse space, our paper is all 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. In an age where the environment and sustainability are making headline news, environmentally friendly packaging can hugely improve the perception and credentials of your brand.

In terms of packing benefits, our solutions convert rolls of paper into strong, flexible cushions that can be used to pack any type of goods, from fragile glass through to heavy engineered components.

Paper void fill uses less actual packaging because it can be automatically sized for exact needs, and its flexibility allows it to be moulded around products or used simply as void fill.

The Easypack range of products are designed to fit into any packing environment and, as they have a compact footprint, they can be moved around to virtually any location. You can produce packaging on demand at point of use or in advance with any size or quantity, making them super easy for staff to use – just press a button and the packaging is quickly produced to size.


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