We are offering an alternative to traditional expensive hardwired systems at a fraction of the cost, this is due to our cuttingedge Bluetooth technology. And our retro-fit lock that can be fitted into your current locker fleet, for quick installation and low disruption to employees and business operations..

eLocker is valued and utilised by some of the largest global ecommerce companies, providing a reliable and secure future-proof locking system which uses our Bluetooth technology to update firmware based on the changing needs of your organisation.

We believe that the security, accessibility and management of locker systems are vital to the efficiency of the environment in which they operate. All components in our locks have been developed with battery life consideration. This means that our low energy locks will last up to 10 years (depending on frequency of use).

Contact use for a conversation about locker solutions. Or come along and meet us at the facility show London June the 19th to the 21st 2018.


Tel: 020 8798 0210

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