One year on and already Proseal, the tray sealing specialists are realising the many tangible benefits that the introduction of a RUF briquetting machine has brought to the business. Briquetting, the process whereby organic or inorganic waste is compressed into uniformed shaped bricks can reduce bulk by a ratio of up to 20:1. Innovators in their field, Proseal has sites in the UK, Australia and the USA, with many High Street supermarkets supplying fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and ready meals sealed by their machines.

RUF Metal Briquetting System

They recently enlisted the help of Derbyshire based briquetting specialists, RUF UK Limited to explore how they could make further cost saving and environmental improvements at their Cheshire based production facility.

Martin Jepson, Proseal Site Maintenance Manager explained, ‘We were already familiar with the concept of briquetting and had previously recycled some of our waste. We knew we could make further improvements and so contacted RUF. After the initial site survey, their engineers designed a bespoke solution that was ideal for our space. They suggested an external lockable container to house the briquetting machine, with additional equipment to route the waste and briquettes to the storage bins.’

Jepson went on to add, ‘Since introducing the RUF system, we have made savings galore. Everything is more efficient!

Transport and storage costs have been reduced as the waste is compacted; we are able to recycle most of our coolant as well as getting a better scrap rate per tonnage. The machine literally runs itself and so we have reduced our labour costs and improved the working conditions. Scrap metal and swarf that was previously discarded or left on the floor is now collected and recycled. RUF has enabled us to achieve a cleaner, more contained and safer working environment and in addition the financial savings have been immense; for instance, our coolant has reduced from four barrels per month to just one! In short, this one machine has already started to pay dividends and we are looking to install additional units at our other facilities.’

RUF will continue to support Proseal by conducting scheduled maintenance visits to ensure the briquetting machine remains in peak operating condition.

RUF machines are easy to install, slot seamlessly into existing production processes and suitable to compress most organic and inorganic waste. They are ideal across industry sectors such as food processing, automotive, and manufacturing to deliver financial, environmental and safety improvements. They can add value into virtually any business where the storage, transportation and disposal of waste is a factor. A return on investment is typically achieved in under 12 months.

Visit Proseal on Stand X270 at Foodex.


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