Industrial airflow experts Kestrel Industrial Services Ltd have partnered with numerous blue chip customers over the years, including in the food production, automotive and e-commerce sectors, in the design and installation of energy saving and environmentally friendly airflow solutions tailored to their individual requirements.

Now Kestrel are looking to offer their services to a wider range of clients, particularly warehousing and logistics operations, says Brett Evans, a director of the company.

Kestrel Industrial Services’ main focus is to enhance the performance of customers’ existing heating and cooling systems by engineering a thermal balance within their warehouses and other buildings.

Kestrel offers two product groups – high volume/high velocity (HV/HV) air barriers, which help maintain different temperature zones in adjacent areas, and high volume/low speed (HV/LS) fans, which aid the equalisation of thermal conditions throughout buildings.

The high volume/high velocity (HV/HV) air barriers separate areas with differing environments, keeping heat in and cold out when logistics doors, pedestrian doorways, roller shutters and so on are open, protecting chilled or air conditioned areas. The air barrier range utilises internal, pre conditioned, ambient air to provide a seal of up to 90% on doorways, depending on the model, without the energy penalties normally associated with the heating elements found in other air curtains.

Each bespoke air barrier provides a virtual seal to an opening, allowing continued traffic movement regardless of doorway size, be it an aircraft hangar or a pedestrian walkway. The air barriers can also benefit areas where the ingress of contamination needs to be avoided, such as production clean areas. The second product group in Kestrel’s energy saving range, the high volume/low speed fans came about in response to customer concerns about the need to generate large-scale airflow in warehouse and industrial buildings.

Kestrel’s fans are the highest quality, most meticulously engineered HV/LS fans available and move high volumes of air through their size and superior blade/foil engineering, rather than their high speed. Moving at a low speed means less energy is used for operations, translating into more energy savings, while keeping working areas comfortable all year round.

In warm weather an HV/LS unit cools personnel by increasing the speed of the variable speed drive system, and hence the rate at which perspiration evaporates from the skin’s surface. The fans make the surrounding area feel between 4-5 degrees C cooler.

In winter, slowing down the HV/LS units distributes heat trapped at ceiling level down to the floor level where it is required. The high volume/low speed operation maximises air de-stratification without creating the cold air pockets associated with having multiple high-speed units operating simultaneously and makes the heating system cycle less frequently, reducing winter heating bills by up to 20-30%. The end result is enhanced comfort all year round for staff and visitors and reduced running costs and maintenance costs compared to existing systems.

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