Interroll is expanding its decentralized control and drive concept (24 V DC RollerDrive / MultiControl for zero-pressure unit load handling) to include a special solution for pallet conveyance. The new Pallet Control 6000 control unit, which also includes the conveyor rollers, the MultiControl and the Interroll Pallet Drive – using 400V AC drive technology.

Until now, zero pressure pallet conveyance usually involved costly programmable logic controller (PLC) software and additional pneumatics – the new Interroll solution eliminates the need for centralized PLC cabling and PLC programming. The new control unit serves as a link between the drive and Interroll’s proven MultiControl, which again provides the complete logic for zero-pressure conveyance. A pallet conveyor using Interroll technology is energy-efficient, split into different zones, which are able to activated or de-activated automatically as when material is actually being conveyed.

As a drum motor, the compact Interroll Pallet Drive has the same dimensions as the conveyor rollers and can be seamlessly integrated into conveyor profile and operated at floor level or integrated in a turntable.

This solution is suitable for pallet weights up to 1,250 kg and conveyor speeds up to 0.22 m/s.


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