As part of Aganto’s 2018 strategic content marketing programme, it was a case of back to basics. The existing digital activities including amongst others PPC, SEO and online advertising, have now been combined with a quarterly physical printed newsletter to be distributed by post and as a sales tool on site visits.

The aim is to create a multifaceted approach to gaining maximum ROI on all content distributed; case studies, blogs and news releases as part of an overarching SEO approach to the holy grail- increasing website traffic and generating quality enquiries.

The content in the glossy A4 four page newsletter, will be a mix of credibility born from the real life narrative and accounts regaled by customers and reformatted into case studies and relevant material relatable to the target audience.

Any company or staff related news will also be included, corporate information but also what is happening with the whole team, providing a more human and approachable voice to the Aganto name.

Along with industrial, thoughtprovoking news articles and/or sector-influencing editorials, all the content and eye-catching images will be housed under the aptly named title: ‘Undercover.’ The launch is imminent and the newsletter ready for publishing mid- February.

This will be a really interesting trial in terms of practising retrospective marketing, or the old school activity of sending out posted hard copies. We may have come a long way in the innovative techniques used today to really get consumer behaviour, to pre-empt the next journey a customer will take, hoping the direction is ours.

However, like all fashions, we have come full circle. Yes the quality and technological facets of this newsletter are extremely indicative of the media and marketing savvy world in which we live- a pdf version available, an online edition, a version to be mailshotted to certain segments of the database. Yet nothing will beat the personal touch of opening up mail- especially one of the cosmopolitan glossies as ‘Undercover,’ (!) with a simple, hand written post it FAO the prospect, and having a fantastic sales tool in vison and in use.

A lot of marketing these days is reminiscent of the more simple times in life where it was familyorientated and simple and in contrast to today’s crazy, chaotic post-modern world; is it any wonder we want to turn back the clock. Sometimes the simpler things are the most effective.

Only time will tell if this strategy will work, but at least it will make our customers feel connected. And that is yet another Holy Grail of the practice of marketing.


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