Many businesses look for costeffective and time-efficient ways to maximise food production and the capacity of their current processes and production equipment, especially as it was reported earlier this year that UK food and drink sales reached the £20bn mark for the first time in history (source

Westgate Factory Dividers has seen a 15% increase in the number of enquiries where clients are looking for a permanently fixed but retractable curtain solution, to help maximise their hygiene window; this led to an increase of twenty additional Flexicurtain installations between 2015 and 2016 and current figures indicate that this is likely to increase further by the end of 2017.

This increase in demand for Westgate’s Flexicurtain solution is indicative of this growing need in the food industry to maximise production without compromising on food hygiene and safety.

With many businesses now running a 24/7-365 operation, they don’t have the luxury of calling upon extra time to maximise production output. Instead, they must look for innovative ways to increase production capacity.

Westgate’s Flexicurtain allows manufacturers the privilege of keeping one production line fully functional whilst another is undergoing wash down procedures.

The fixed curtain approach provides very quick deployment in comparison to the mobile screen option, and fixed stainless steel tracks can take any preferred route around production lines and personnel.

Food spoilage and food safety is at the top of the agenda when cleaning a line that is adjacent or in close proximity to a working line.

Flexicurtains are used for this short turnaround time, but ensure a complete floor-to-ceiling seal, which prevents any overspray. Flexicurtains are also useful when production lines are used to produce multiple variations of similar products, for example production of ice-creams but with different flavorings and ingredients. In this instance curtains have been used to prevent cross contamination.

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