The growth within the e-commerce industry has been relentless in recent years; showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon as the UK alone spends over £130 billion per annum via online shopping. The internet has revolutionised the way we shop, whether we are buying groceries and clothes or cars and holidays, all can be done from the comfort of your own home.

This monumental rise of e-commerce means that supply chain networks are continually improving the way they operate to cope with consumer volatility and the increased demand for goods of all shapes and sizes to be delivered as quickly as possible. The high volume of goods moving through a supply chain at any given time means that businesses are always looking for ways to minimise damage and keep operations running smoothly.

Palletower Limited has long been a manufacturer and supplier of storage and logistics equipment, all built with the idea of improving supply chains and increasing productivity. As a supplier to some of the world’s largest retail, logistics and warehousing companies, Palletower has been able to collaborate with these companies and design products to improve every day operations.

Recognising this changing need, Palletower set about designing and manufacturing a foldable, easy to use Plastic Collar that could alleviate many of the problems faced from handling the varied range of shapes, sizes and weights of products being delivered daily through e-commerce.

Palletower worked closely with several logistics companies providing home delivery e-commerce throughout the design of collar. This two way design process has ensured that the introduction of the Pallet Collar to their supply chain network has ensured the safe palletisation of products whilst maximising space on the pallet.

The easy-to-use Pallet Collars can be used with either timber or plastic pallets, designed to help keep products retained securely, therefore reducing potential damage and chance of ‘spilled loads’. Palletower’s assessment and understanding of the issues experienced by users, has enabled them to quickly identify inherent weaknesses and their lack of user friendliness in other Pallet Collars on the market at present.

A detailed design and trial process as well as the production of prototype samples over a 3-month period allowed for the introduction of a patented ‘snap-lock’ design which has significantly improved overall user feel when assembling and collapsing the collar. Huge emphasis has been placed on a high-class design mould which has been paramount in ensuring that the Pallet Collar operates with a high level of efficiency and is cost effective.

The folding plastic Pallet Collar provides greater versatility over other common applications such as conventional cages as it can be stacked at 300mm increments and up to six collars high, providing a variable height and more efficient load capacity options. Stronger than other models on market, the collars offer a high degree of protection to the product during transit which is ultimately where the majority of product damage occurs; the smooth design of the internal walls virtually eliminates snagging, ideal for loose packaged goods. The ‘click-lock’ mechanism is significantly more rigid and easy to operate than other similar products on the market. In addition, the reinforced interlocking tabs and fewer working parts simple increases operational life and ultimately lower maintenance costs.

A plastic Pallet Collar is by far one of the best examples of Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP). The ability to flat pack the collar to an 8:1 ratio makes it perfect for storage as well as reducing transport costs between distribution centres and warehouses.

For businesses looking for greater corporate identity, bespoke colour options and additional branding opportunities are available. Furthermore, the collar will shortly have an RFID option (Radio Frequency Identification), enabling it to be fully integrated into warehouse and stock management systems.

“Palletower’s total investment in the development of the collar has exceeded £50,000,” explained Managing Director, Matthew Palmer. “As a market leader in the industry, addressing the issues and requirements of the markets we work within is testament to the growth of our product range and services we provide. The collar has a huge range of applications and will be prominent in the industry for many years to come.”


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