Lighting is changing. Lighting in buildings is set to form the backbone of a data network that is easy to set-up and maintain. Light fittings are transforming into smart devices which can monitor and control our environment.

You already know Bluetooth as the short range wireless communication platform that can link to your earphones, smart watch, and car stereo. But the 5th generation of Bluetooth is about to revolutionize lighting and bring about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

Bluetooth 5 is a radical departure from the old Bluetooth as it now employs a mesh network. Mesh networks are resilient, selfconfiguring, easily extendable and cost effective.

EGGLighting design lighting systems that improve energy efficiency, over and above that of standard sensor control. We offer smart emergency lighting systems and deliver applications for asset tracking and smart workspaces.

There’s no need to be worried about battery life as our Bluetooth light switches don’t have one. The kinetic energy you use to press the light switch is enough to generate a wireless ON or OFF signal to the lights over Bluetooth low energy. No rewiring means your company can avoid expensive installation costs.

The real beauty of this technology is that it can be easily extended with 3rd party products. To add humidity and temperature controls you simply connect them to the same mesh network established by your lights. Common devices such as mobile phones can be connected securely to configure and control your equipment – saving you money on proprietary monitoring and control equipment. On top of all that, Bluetooth has no monthly fees.

The reliable tracking of assets over time has always been a concern for facilities mangers. Welcome to Bluetooth Beacons!

Beacons are low cost tracking devices that can recognise chips on anything in your office or warehouse space that you care to keep tabs on. All that data is logged and relayed back to your phone via your lighting system.

Bluetooth 5 adds to our core philosophy; “Energy and Material Efficiency”. In order to reduce waste EGG has designed light fittings that can be easily upgraded to the most efficient LED chips.

Bluetooth can be used to monitor the energy consumption of the lights and alert users when the light level has fallen below CIBSE requirements and needs replaced.

With an EGG lighting system you’ll always have the latest tech and your light fittings should last as long as the building. Back to simply changing light bulbs!


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