Nedap is introducing the Luxon IoT Node to the UKmarket during LuxLive in London. The Node features a tiny electronic device that connects luminaires, regardless of brand, to the Luxon light management system in a costeffective manner. This technology has been developed in line with Nedap’s ambitions to make connected lighting widely available and to unlock and sustain the full potential of LED lighting.

The Luxon IoT Node connects LED luminaires to a mesh network. Lights are driven by demand using multiple control strategies and only switched on where and when needed.

Lux Award nominee for Innovative design

The Luxon IoT Node differs from other connected lighting products on the market due to its ease of integration and extended functionality, such as performance monitoring and remote diagnostics. The Node complies with all major LED driver interfaces including Philips Xitanium SR. Due to its innovative and smart design, the Luxon IoT Node has been nominated at the Lux Awards in the ‘Connected Lighting Innovation of the Year’ category. The winner will be announced at LuxLive 2017.

Growing sustainability ambitions

Jeroen Somsen, Managing Director at Nedap Light Controls, states: “We see the sustainability ambitions of companies grow and therefore the demand for connected lighting. Where LEDs previously only cut energy bills in half, connectivity now unlocks LED’s true potential by saving up to 90 per cent.”

Taking service to the next level Accurate real-time data empowers users to make highly informed decisions for further improvements over time.

Connected lighting is the true enabler for Lighting as a Service initiatives, leading the way to more sustainable economies. This puts lighting vendors in a position to perform at a higher level and at lower cost.


Since the company’s founding in 1929, Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek ‘Nedap’ N.V. has been manufacturing smart technical applications for the challenges of today and tomorrow, and selling them all over the world. Headquartered in Groenlo in the Netherlands, Nedap boasts a workforce of approx. 780 employees and operates on a global scale.

Nedap Luxon

Luxon light management by Nedap connects sustainability initiatives with a company’s financial objectives. By focusing on the specific needs of the user, lighting systems are only active when and where needed. In addition, the platform provides clear insights into performance and usage, allowing for future optimisations and proactive maintenance. With the help of intuitive dashboards, Nedap enables users to manage all their business locations online using one system. Luxon is easy to combine with any lighting system on the market.


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