Articulated cold store forklift Stand C30.

The requirements of cold store operations are exacting: the costs per ft² are high, optimum driver comfort needs to be ensured, and low temperatures can be unforgiving on equipment. Articulated forklift manufacturer Aisle-Master will be exhibiting its cold store model, demonstrating how space optimisation and maximum productivity can be achieved whilst offering the highest levels of comfort for operators in this potentially harsh environment. The fully enclosed heated cab keeps drivers warm throughout the entire shift, avoiding the need for regular breaks, and heated windows eliminate the build-up of condensation when driving between different temperatures. Bar code scanners can be used from within the cab against a specifically allocated area of the glass screen, enabling operators to carry out all necessary tasks without leaving the workstation. The powerful 930 amp batteries counteract any possible draining of power even during prolonged operation at minus 30º and low energy LED work lights also come as standard.

Aisle-Master products are available with capacities of up to 2,500kg and lift heights of up to an impressive 15m. A parts warranty of 5 years or 5,000 hours now offers even more peace of mind for users and underlines the extreme reliability of the Aisle-Master range.


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