CHEREAU will exhibit a Rigid Truck at the TCS&D show on Stand D32.

Visitors will have the opportunity to discover CHEREAU’s 60 years experience in temperature controlled bodywork. This vehicle will be the first vehicle in the UK combining, on top of all features, the Smart Open-C and the City Light. The City light is an ultra high performance lighting and signaling ramp.

The ramp includes indicators, scrolling warning and hazard lights along with high performance working lights. The lighting devices are 100% Led for an optimized life length and are flush mounted to avoid any potential damage and state-of-the-art esthetic.

The equipment ease the operation and provide safety to the driver: the covered surface of the working lights is 1,7 time the surface of the taillift.

The security is reinforced as well for the other road users with a high visibility from the scrolling warning lights. The vehicle is equipped as well with the Smart Open-C, a patented innovation by Chereau The Smart Open-C is a patented rear opening system, with a pulsed opening system.

Running in less than 10 seconds, the door can be easily closed between each load/unload, which help to preserve the coldchain and the set temperatures while benefiting to the driver comfort and health.

This specific roller shutter is opening on the top of the vehicle which enhance the loading volume of the body.


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