The finalists in this category are all under the age of 25 and can demonstrate personal attributes and sound professional competency, commitment to the team and future potential, while the overall winner will be an excellent role model who has already produced results that indicate a bright future.


25-year old Rebecca Tweed joined Maxim Logistics in December 2009 as a Goods-In apprentice. In her 8 years with the company she taken on a number of roles and performed every task asked of her with great enthusiasm and flexibility.

In recent months, Rebecca has provided cover and continuity following the retirement of a long serving member within Maxim’s logistics team. She provided the initial training of the replacement and has continued to mentor her since.

Changes in team members often provide opportunities to challenge the status quo, and Rebecca has supported the customer relations manager in distributing the various roles within the logistics office more efficiently, and the team is now in a stronger place.

Rebecca’s line manager writes: “Rebecca has worked for me for the last 4 years and over this time I have seen her grow not only professionally but in her confidence and maturity. Rebecca brings a positive vibe to the team and always tries to approach problems with an upbeat and encouraging attitude.

“As a manager it is real pleasure to have a member of your team that has the same drive for continued improvements while understanding that customer services is at the forefront of the department’s objective. I am excited to see Rebecca grow in to a Supervisor role in the next year.”


According to his line manager, Century Logistics’ warehouse operative, Lee Charlton, “stands out through his undying commitment to getting the job done, his ‘outside the box’ thinking when faced with a challenge and his desire to progress and learn at every opportunity.”

Lee’s line manager continues: “On a day to day basis Lee, the youngest individual in my team and with the least amount of warehouse experience, motivates and pushes the goods out team to pick more customer orders across the course of a day to a higher standard than ever before. He does this by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of everyone in the team and utilising those skills to improve the picking flow, with himself supporting individuals with the highest workload. Lee not only increases the morale and motivation in the goods out team but also gives them someone to focus on, and encourages them to strive together towards the same goals.”

Through self-motivation and support, Lee has increased his knowledge of the warehouse operation and has advanced to a Skills Level 3 within the team. Since this change of status, Century have seen an increase in productivity, improved stock accuracy and reduced driver waiting times.

Century’s managing director, Stephen Basey-Fisher, adds: “Lee is held in high regard by those in management as well as his team. He is a pleasure to manage, he always has ideas, solutions to problems and can improve a process in the operation. Lee has the potential to work up the ladder and become an outstanding manager in the warehousing industry. He has been placed on one of our training development courses, Team Leader ILM Level 2 and will be encouraged, supported and trained for his future career within Century. He is already being pro-active in collecting evidence and material for his course studies and committing to continuous selfimprovement.”


Scott joined Bullet Express from school at the age of 17 as a telesales executive in 2015. His passion for and understanding of IT did not go unnoticed and when Bullet moved to a new 200,000 sq ft site Scott was given the job of managing the software system used to map 21,000 pallet spaces, label the entire warehouse and integrate Wi- Fi and hand held scanners.

In addition, Scott, has been working on his warehouse apprenticeship which he has now completed. He has also obtained his forklift licence.

Scott’s line manager says: “Scott’s communication skills are superb and his overall knowledge of the Bullet system is second to none: he knows the small pitfalls and what to look out for to avoid the disaster of wrongly selected or delivered freight. He deals directly via phone and email with two of our major clients 10-12 times a day and both have regularly comment on his accuracy and professionalism in checking all is correct.”

Scott also looks after Bullet’s social media function – sending tweets and updating the company’s Facebook presence regularly.

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