Growing businesses are often on the lookout for cost-effective ways to expand their current operations without having to move to larger premises, and for many companies which operate in warehouses and distribution centres, a mezzanine floor provides the perfect solution.

With high costs and downtime associated with moving and land at a premium, more and more companies are utilising valuable wasted space by installing mezzanine floors. In doing so, they’re able to increase production and storage capacity or create new office space with minimum disruption.

To meet the rising demand for a robust structural flooring product which is easy to lay, Europe’s leading wood panel producer EGGER UK, has launched a revolutionary new product – EGGER OSB HDX, a 2400mm x 675mm board with a tongue and groove on the two long edges.

Alan White, EGGER’s Director of Sales for Building Products explains: “As businesses grow they will often look to move premises in order to expand their operations. A more economical solution is to install a mezzanine floor at their existing premises and double their floor capacity for a one-off cost.

“EGGER OSB HDX is ideal for this as it provides the strength and stiffness required for a mezzanine floor, plus a whole host of additional benefits to the installer.”

Compared to a typical 38mm chipboard equivalent with a 600mm width, OSB HDX provides just over 11% more coverage per panel. In addition to the extra width, it is also 20% lighter than traditional 38mm chipboard making it easier to manoeuvre and quicker to lay.

Both sides of the board have a fully sanded surface to improve performance by making it less prone to wear and tear. In addition the sanded surface also provides a more aesthetically pleasing finish to the floor when it’s laid.

Dave Williams, Company Director at Wyder Engineered Timber Systems, commented: “We specified EGGER OSB HDX panels to create the substrate floor for our new mezzanine level because of its performance. The panels are denser and stronger than traditional 38mm chipboard and despite being larger they are actually much lighter.”

EGGER UK specialises in the design and manufacture of structural flooring boards for use in both residential and commercial build projects throughout the UK and Ireland.


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