Warehouse operators are under increasing pressure to meet the needs of the rapidly growing eCommerce market. The past few years have seen significant changes in the way consumers shop, with internet sales continuing to grow year on year and retailers having to develop new ways to satisfy consumer needs. In order for them to do this, warehouse operators are having to adapt the design of facilities, as well as introduce more vehicles into their fleets.
This change has seen an increase in demand for loading bay technology and adaptability within warehouse design. With many companies using a variety of vehicles for their operations, warehouse operators are having to take into consideration a much wider set of loading bay requirements. This is to ensure that they provide the best possible solutions, and help retailers meet heightened consumer expectations.

A shift towards a range of smaller vehicles and warehousing facilities has also developed since the growth of eCommerce, as project director at Hörmann UK, Tom Langley, confirms:

“Over the past few years, there has been a significant change in the way real estate owners are developing warehouse facilities. Many companies are now moving towards multiple smaller, localised warehouses that are capable of quickly processing an item for home delivery, as opposed to large central hubs. This new style of facility provides a fast turnaround on goods and means that logistic operations are now using smaller vehicles to meet consumer demand.”

Consumer expectations are much higher now than they were only a few years ago, with people demanding faster deliveries and convenience at a lower cost. To help keep up with this, retailers are now requiring loading bay equipment and technology that will allow for large quantities of goods to flow very quickly both into and out of their warehouses.

Every year, Hörmann invests a considerable amount of time in research and development to ensure that its products not only meets the expectations of its customers, but also benefit from the latest technological advancements. The BBS dock shelter is the latest addition to Hörmann’s range of industrial doors and is designed to help warehouse occupants improve efficiency and the safety of commercial vehicle drivers when loading and unloading.

Designed for small transport and delivery vehicles, such as the VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter, the BBS dock shelter offers real estate owners the perfect solution when it comes to quick, low quantity forms of delivery. Hörmann designed and developed the new dock shelter so that it can be adapted to suit the shape of these vehicles. Forming a complete seal around the commercial vehicles once docked, it helps to protect valuable stock in warehouses from the elements and help avoid heat loss.

Commenting on the launch of the BBS dock shelter, managing director, David Newcombe said: “With eCommerce continuing to increase and UK warehousing changing, distributors are continuously looking at ways to help fulfil changing consumer requirements. At Hörmann, we invest a lot in research and development to ensure we meet the demand of our clients. We are committed to providing them with the latest solutions, like the BBS dock shelter, to help meet these expectations and ensure that we provide our customers with a solution to help improve loading bay efficiency and safety.”

Hörmann has a team of experts that help to deliver a flexible approach and ensure that the best possible products and control systems are used for specific processes and procedures. For more information on Hörmann’s loading bay solutions and service packages, please call 01530 513000 or visit www.hormann.co.uk.


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