Businesses in Ireland are being urged to consider the use of semipermanent buildings for manufacturing as well as storage as the lack of space, together with increases in warehousing rental costs, are becoming a barrier to expansion and economic growth according to Spaciotempo.

Having exhibited at this year’s National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition at Ireland’s Citywest Convention Centre on 31st January, Spaciotempo previewed a host of building solutions that are sure to demonstrate how semi-permanent structures can be a sustainable and viable option when it comes to expanding operations.

Exhibiting at this particular show for the first time, Spaciotempo gave visitors a real sense of the benefits that semi-permanent buildings provided to companies looking to maximise space, improve their logistics and streamline transportation processes.

Managing Director, Scott Jameson said: “The use of temporary or semipermanent warehousing can be a key enabler for growth in the export market. The increase in the export market, which Ireland has witnessed in recent years, is a real success story and great news for the Irish economy, but the current situation regarding warehouse solutions is now fast becoming critical. For Ireland to sustain growth, it needs to consider alternative options.

Current models are not sustainable in the long term. Temporary or semipermanent warehousing solutions are both more cost-effective and quicker to install than permanent buildings, offering a viable and innovative alternative and putting control back in the hands of businesses.

“As Ireland becomes stronger, taking full advantage of trading with the US and Europe, together with its low corporate tax rate, the booming export market is providing businesses with a conundrum regarding storage space, whilst also putting landlords in control which is leading to rent increases.

“We urge Irish exporters to consider the alternative of temporary or semi-permanent warehouse space; structures that can be installed and removed instantly, in line with demand, providing a sensible and sustainable solution for a country whose warehousing space is at bursting point.”

Spaciotempo has already cemented strong links with Irish export businesses, having previously worked with The Tech Group and C&C Group, exporters of Bulmers Cider. Spaciotempo’s temporary warehouse contributed significantly to the growth of C&C Group during the launch of its Magners brand, and enabled the business to meet a significant increase in demand for both production and warehouse space.

The firm has most recently completed a project for Marstons Brewery, providing a semipermanent building next to the company’s production line. This meant the brewery no longer had to halt the bottling line when storage ran out. spaciotempo-resources/marstons/ Timelapse video M4WDwQA3ikI

Spaciotempo works within manufacturing and industrial sectors as well as construction and architecture, retail, sports and leisure, transport and logistics and car showrooms completing projects with companies such as JCB, BMW, GSK, Manchester United, Aston Martin, ASFA, B&Q, Sports Direct and many more.

Scott Jameson concluded: “Semipermanent buildings can be just as durable and feature-rich as permanent options to support businesses with their storage needs. They can be installed on demand and taken away when they are no longer required, making it a more cost effective solution to XXL warehousing and rental schemes.

As Ireland continues to grow through warehousing and exports, semi-permanent structures could be the solution to its supply and demand problems.”

“The bespoke nature of semipermanent buildings makes them the perfect solution for businesses looking to utilise space, increase productivity and cut costs. The National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition was a unique opportunity for Spaciotempo to demonstrate these capabilities.”

Spaciotempo is a market leader in the design, manufacture, hire and sale of temporary buildings for the industrial, distribution, retail and sports sectors providing a semipermanent solution that is built to last whether the usage is for weeks or years.

With offices and vast stock holdings in the UK, France and Spain, plus more than 40 years of experience, the company is able to provide an extensive range of standard or bespoke building solutions throughout Europe.


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