It’s a solid lesson for all of us – Perseverance pays!

Following ongoing close communication and significant business commitment UPN Member – Chiltern Transport are pleased to announce that Luton based Deta Electrical have signed up for handling of its UK palletised freight distribution requirements.

“I have been chasing Deta’s business for literally years”, said Iain Hamilton – Director at Hertfordshire based Chiltern Transport, “We finally met up in 2016 to discuss palletised distribution. It was a good meeting and our relationship developed quickly. Following a one month trial, Deta Electrical began working with Chiltern fully towards the end of the year.”

Founded in 1958, Deta Electrical is a longstanding supplier of electrical products. The business is now a key supplier to the UK Electrical Wholesale market and also exports to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean.

“This is a big jump for both companies,” said Iain, “It’s an important business win for Chiltern, and for Deta it’s a significant positive change. Deta are renowned for their loyalty to customers and suppliers alike so this has been a very big step for them but one that their team has embraced.”

Deta Electrical have so far been extremely impressed with the high level of service performance provided by Chiltern and by UPN. Full IT tracking and label printing is being provided, supported by the unique strengths of the sector leading UPN IT technology.

“Chiltern and UPN were able to demonstrate to us both cost savings and improved service level performance,” said Deta Electrical Managing Director – Gerry Barnett, “There is a mutual understanding of logistics and the ideas and communication that fed between us has really helped to set the foundations for a strong business relationship between our two companies.”

Emblazoned with a personalised Deta Electrical livery, Chiltern Transport now stands a daily trailer at Deta Electrical, to cement the commitment between both parties within the relationship.

Already on average over 40 pallets per night are being shipped, a figure that is destined to grow significantly as the Deta Electrical growth trajectory continues.


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