Konect Electrical Services has been awarded an electrical installation project for Well Pharmacy at their 7,500 square metre warehouse and distribution centre in Stoke.
Well Pharmacy are the UK’s largest independent pharmacy chain and their £16 million distribution service centre in Stoke is the largest of its kind in Europe and has the capacity to handle 420,000 units every day.

The centre houses a number of teams covering various shifts and tasks from receiving goods and picking, to replenishing and stock control. The centre is staffed 24/7 to make sure they carry out the day-today activities to keep the warehouse running like clockwork and to make sure all their stores and valtvalacyc.com are fully stocked with prescription medicines and a range of health and beauty products.

The electrical installation works consist of LED lighting to a new mezzanine floor and new office space, securing external lamp posts and installation of LED luminaires, and small power and distribution equipment to feed the power and lighting in all areas.

Occupancy detectors are also being installed to office areas to detect movement and turn lights on when people enter the office space and turn them off when the space is unoccupied. Automated controls will decide if the luminaires need to be energised or dimmed, achieving even greater savings by further increasing lamp life and reducing maintenance costs. These types of controls are typically used in just about any area where a varied level of occupancy is expected or where natural lighting levels are sought such as warehouses, offices, corridors, storerooms and WC facilities.
Konect is an established industrial and commercial electrical contractor based in the North West of England. This type of installation is typical for Konect and specialities include the design, installation and maintenance of all types of electrical lighting, mains and small power systems, cable management solutions and fire and security installations. Trained engineers carefully co-ordinate installations throughout the UK, ensuring minimal disruption is made to clients day-to-day operations.

LED lighting is being used increasingly in all building types due to its proven energy savings and advantages when weighed up against conventional lighting. LED light fittings possess a long operational life and easily exceed 50,000 hours. They are practically service-free and seldom fail as they contain no filaments which burn or break out, reducing the long term cost of ownership. Rapid improvements in LED technology, and the falling purchase costs, are also assisting with the initial cost outlay.

Other benefits include a reduction in heat pollution due to their low operating temperatures and minimal light pollution, as light output is only directed to where it is required. Ergonomically, LED’s can eliminate the symptoms of eyestrain which can be developed from inefficient lighting in the workplace, thus avoiding adverse productivity. LED lighting is also environmentally and ecologically friendly as LED’s contain no poisonous elements such as mercury or other gases.

Konect has its own specialist low energy lighting division known as Ozone Lighting Solutions. Ozone has extensive experience in designing, supplying, installing and maintaining all types of low energy lighting and lighting control systems to all industries.

Ozone conduct free site surveys and provide audit reports containing factual evidence and detailed costings and calculations showing how much money can be saved and how to achieve a safer working environment for employees.

Ozone offer leasing packages that immediately reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint with no heavy upfront expenditure. Current usage, energy and maintenance costs are evaluated to identify how much an existing system is costing and where savings could be achieved by replacing current inefficient lighting.

Ozone’s product range includes high output LED luminaires, induction lighting systems, low energy fluorescent luminaires, occupancy detectors, daylight sensors, dimming control systems and intelligent lighting control systems. All products are manufactured in the UK and come with a 5 year warranty. More information can be found on the website www.ozonelighting.co.uk.


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