On the first anniversary of the sad and premature death of its founder – Martyn Barratt Transport – (MBT) – has announced significant expansion developments, with two exciting business wins, and a major investment in the upgrading and development of the company’s vehicle fleet.upn-truck5 “This summer we are making a big investment in upgrading and expanding our fleet,” said Managing Director – Richard Barratt, “As a tribute to our father who alongside his passion for transport had a real interest in Viking history, one of our new artics is in a powerful Viking themed livery.”

“In total five new Scania High Line artics, three 26 tonne Renault vehicles, a 26 tonne T Range “Moffett” (to add to the fleet of eight), six new curtain side trailers and a curtain side “Moffett” will be added to the MBT fleet. Our overriding aim is to maintain an evolving high quality operation,” Business is booming at MBT with the announcement of a new contract with VTech to handle full UK distribution. VTech, the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category is a world leader of age-appropriate learning products.

“This is a big win for MBT,” said Richard, “Danial was involved in long negotiations against a number of competitors. We were fully audited and undertook a stringent tendering process.

Following a highly successful trial VTech signed up with MBT. They liked our approach and also the unique UPN IT support. Daily collections are handled by MBT for delivery direct and through the UPN national network”

“MBT have also won a large and prestigious contract with John Pye Auctions to handle product returns for both Sainsbury’s and John Lewis.” Established in 1985, and in 2001, the first UPN member, MBT now employs 75 staff, 60 drivers, and a fleet of over 50 vehicles.


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