Deep-Cycle Batteries Delivering Real-World Benefits.

chazManbat Industrial, the UK’s only truly national industrial battery sales and service provider, is also the country’s sole distribution partner for deep-cycle battery specialist, U.S. Battery Manufacturing.

A key feature of U.S. Battery’s XC2™ deep-cycle battery range is its ability to provide more running time for battery powered access lifts, and cranes, among a host of other factory equipment, by incorporating the company’s exclusive Diamond Plate Technology®. Available in both 6- volt and 12-volt formats, the advanced technology allows U.S.

Battery to manufacture a more efficient battery, which will allow rental companies and fleets, factories and warehouses, to operate their machinery longer on a full charge.

As these batteries are designed and able to reach their peak capacity in as few as 25 cycles, they provide higher total energy delivery and extend battery life. As a result, with proper maintenance, a fleet of lifts, cranes, access platforms and similar factory equipment fitted with XC2™ batteries can deliver substantially lower annual operating costs for users.

Available in a variety of sizes and amp-hour capacity ratings, U.S. Battery products feature extra heavyduty connector terminals and a tough polypropylene exterior case.

The company’s SpeedCap® venting positive locking system is also available, making it easy to perform maintenance procedures and to install a single-point watering system.

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