Requiring high levels of light every working day, the Whitefurze warehouse in Coventry was in need of refurbished lighting as the original installation was in poor condition and showing its age.


Initially equipped with 58 x 400W High Intensity Discharge (HID) fittings burning for 4,368 hours per year, the installation had a total wattage of 26 kW and consumed 112,752 kWh of electricity per year – generating an annual bill in excess of £13,530.24.

The short lifespan of these high intensity lamps also resulted in an extra £1,160 per year in additional maintenance costs as well as reduced light levels between light servicing and production stoppages while replacements were taking place.

By visiting the site and assessing its needs, Pulsar Light were able to optimise the layout to maximise the light uniformity and improve illuminance in key task areas.

This aspect of the Eco- Range solution made a huge difference to the warehouse’s operation and satisfaction of the management and employee team.Utilising high brightness LEDs with an 80+ Colour Rendering Index (CRI), the UNIbay130 fittings have greatly increased illuminance levels to 175 lux and also made visually sensitive tasks possible to do indoors.

Because of the site survey and optimised design, the final scheme comprised 58 x 130W UNIBay130 luminaires fitted with prismatic diffusing front glass. This has reduced the total consumption to 32,572kWh and energy bill to just £3,908.74. Light level readings were taken and averaged 175 lux across the warehouse which is in line with CIBSE guidelines on light levels in commercial warehouse environments.

About Pulsar Light Pulsar Light of Cambridge manufactures a wide range of colour controlled LED lighting for large-scale international Architectural Projects, Television Shows, Live Performances, Hotels, and many other applications.

Pulsar’s EcoRange provides high power, high efficiency white LED lighting backed with Pulsar’s commitment to quality, reliability, and durability.

Our factory and offices are located in Cambridge, England, where we have been manufacturing lighting for over 45 years. If you would like to learn more about Pulsar Light’s products and how they can benefit you, or visit our showroom, please arrange a time with our sales team by calling our office number on 01223 403 500

Tel: 01223 403 500.


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