Kitchen appliance company Kenwood had a problem with badly dusting floors and wanted to improve the visual appearance of the warehouse area at their Havant site in Hampshire. But pressures on the warehousing industry to provide a rapid turnaround on distribution and delivery of goods means maintenance jobs need to be completed as quickly as possible with minimum downtime.

Kenwood had been using Watco products for years and trusted the quality of longevity of the finished product. Watco suggested Kenwood use Concrex and Flowpatch for repairing the concrete floors and Epoxy Gloss Coat for improving the visual appearance.


The first step was to shot blast the floor and lightly grind it before applying Watco Concrex, and Watco Flowpatch. Watco Concrex is an incredibly strong epoxy resin mortar, eight times stronger than concrete, achieving maximum strength at 5mm, and ideal for repairing heavy wear areas where ordinary repair mortars fail. Watco Flowpatch is a pourable patch repair material for heavily trafficked floors, ideal for deep repairs, and with a 30 minute curing tome for foot traffic and two hours for forklifts.

Once the repairs were finished, Kenwood decided to colour code their aisles making it easier to identify them. Epoxy Gloss Coat Rapid in mid grey was used in the main walkways in the warehouse and a different colour was used in each aisle. Epoxy Gloss Coat is an extremely tough and decorative industrial floor coating which is ideal in situations where durability is important, and is extensively used in factories, warehouses and showrooms. Its quick drying formula means the second coat can be applied the same day, or if not applying a second coat the area can be back in use the same day. By using Epoxy Gloss Coat Rapid, which only has a three hour curing time, Kenwood were able to get the warehouse back in use as quickly as possible. Watco were able to recommended a trusted and experienced flooring company to apply the products.


Kenwood were delighted with the outcome which completely revitalised the appearance of the warehouse, protecting the floor for many years to come.

Polyaspartic Technology is the latest advancement in flooring technology, allowing a rapid turnaround for floor repairs and coating. Using Polyaspartic products enables the warehouse manager to complete the project the same day keeping downtime to a minimum.

Polyaspartic is a two part reactive resin system which offers significant benefits over traditional epoxy resins when used as a basis for paint coatings. Polyaspartic systems will dry at much lower temperatures than epoxy resin, at normal temperatures dry twice as quickly, and won’t become faded by UV when used outside.

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