With collaboration and innovation in palletised distribution, less very quickly adds up to more says Iain Brown, operations director, Palletline.

elvis1With 71 member companies, 81 locations, more than 6,000 staff, 12,000 vehicles and access to over 5 million square feet of warehousing space – Palletline has a combined size that rivals some of the biggest UK logistics operators and quickly tells a story of less becoming more.

Back in 1992, Palletline’s ‘hub and spoke’ distribution system revolutionised the palletised freight market. The cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solution dramatically improves efficiency by collecting from suppliers and consolidating to delivery point.

The benefits of consolidated delivery speak for themselves. Simply by suppliers working together to share the load and reduce costs – a faster, more efficient service for clients is achieved with many less road miles. Indeed so efficient is the system, some 2.5million road miles are saved per year making it the go-to choice for companies looking to reduce costs and implement more eco-friendly processes.

Driving member services

Palletline is not just a logistical support and intelligence function for existing contracts however, as we provide expert new business support to help members secure new contracts. This is an invaluable mechanic that enables us to pinpoint and secure high profile work that feeds its way through the network and further stimulates member growth.

Beyond this however, our collaborative model enables smaller hauliers to compete on a much larger playing field thanks to our relationships with major international brands. As an innovator in the industry, new members also benefit from more than 22 years’ experience minimising road miles and maximising profit.

Palletline is 100% owned by its members making it the only truly co-operative pallet network. We believe in an equitable model that drives profits back into the business for the good of the members. The firm’s stringent vetting process ensures the selection of only the very best. As a result, companies that are accepted into the Palletline network become part of a powerful national body that enables them to win further work and collaborate with other member companies.

As a member business, Palletline works with group companies and end clients to drive efficiencies and increase profitability. On a daily basis thousands of businesses rely on Palletline for cost-effective, high quality palletised distribution across the UK and Europe.

With a network comprising of carefully selected, leading UK hauliers, Palletline appeals to a broad range of businesses, from SMEs to globally recognised companies. The network recently celebrated ten years working with a major supermarket chain.

Innovating for efficiency

Palletline maintains its edge over the competition by continually innovating and investing in market leading technology to streamline processes and enhance the customer experience.

Technology sits at the heart of the Palletline network. From hand-held digital signature capture devices that provide customers with an instant proof of delivery to online booking portal enhancements, the network is on a constant quest to improve service levels and efficiency through the use of the latest available technology.

This culminated in the launch of Palletline’s ‘Less Is More’ campaign last year with the drive continuing to deliver significant productivity improvements and cost reductions.

While evolution is central to Palletline’s philosophy, it will never lose its core values and original commitment to cost-effective distribution.

The next generation of service

The prevalence of online shopping has had a significant impact on consumer behaviour – their willingness to wait to be satisfied or served is considerably lower than it was five to ten years ago. As a result, 24/7 service isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s expected. And in the competitive retail environment, if consumers aren’t satisfied they’ll simply go elsewhere, damaging relationships and resulting in the potential loss of their custom for life.

Customers and logistics managers are therefore looking for ever more efficient and cost effective procedures that help them to address the needs of the 24/7 consumer culture we live in.

Planning, implementing and controlling an efficient, effective logistics process is essential. And this is where Palletline can help prospective members and customers.

Harnessing the power of partnership, Palletline offers resource on a grand scale that helps to reduce road miles and costs which helps to increase profits.

Beyond the breadth and scope of the network, our unique and innovative culture, desire to push the boundaries and make real revolutionary improvements makes people want to work with us.

Palletline’s service hinges on a commitment to efficiency, cost-saving, quality and flexibility. Combine that with a sustainable business model and track record of innovation and with Palletline – less most definitely delivers more!

Tel: 0121 767 6870

Email: enquiries@palletline.com


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