The UPN IT team has been working on developing a new service to our network customers. In addition to already offering the customer Advanced Sender Notification (ASN) via email, we are now able to offer customer ASN via SMS text messaging.


Gary Flockhart, UPN’s IT Manager commented “In an effort to become even more customer focused, we are now able to offer SMS texts about an expected delivery, directly to our customers mobile phones. We recognise that customers often opt for text notifications above all other methods of communication. We anticipate a high demand for this service, UPN members have already expressed an interest in using this going forward.”

This can be set up from the customer consignment entry screen, a simple tick box will enable both email and text to be sent to the customer, if a mobile phone number has been entered onto the record a text will be sent too.

UPN is the fastest growing palletised freight delivery network in the UK.  It was established in 2001 as a provider of high quality next-day delivery services for consignments of palletised freight. The company operates a national network of over 75 depots that provide coverage of the UK and 26 European countries. UPN operates a purpose built hub in the Midlands and has access to over 5,000 vehicles and two million square feet of flexible warehousing across its network. UPN is widely recognised as a technology leader, because of its advanced real time and web based IT infrastructure, designed to improve freight visibility and customer service.

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