Pall-Ex Polska has recently taken to the road, becoming the fifth active continental network of palletised freight specialist the Pall-Ex Group. Here Adrian Russell, Managing Director at Pall-Ex explains how the Group’s European vision is coming to fruition.


Pall-Ex Polska joins Pall-Ex Group’s operations in the UK and will also work alongside our four other European networks – Pall-Ex Italia, Pall-Ex Iberia, Pall-Ex Romania and the newly launched Pall-Ex France.

Officially commencing operations in September, the new network has its hub strategically located in the Lódz region of Poland.

With leading Polish logistics company KMC Services taking on the role of our Principal National Partner, the 19-member-strong network also includes some of Poland’s biggest names in the haulage industry.

When we launched Pall-Ex Romania at the end of 2011, we became the first ever palletised freight network in Eastern Europe. Not only were we introducing a new brand to the area, we were introducing an entirely new concept.

Coupled with our endeavors in Romania, the steady start we have had in Poland provides further evidence to show that the pallet network concept is one that is adaptable and of interest to the wider region.

As the global supply chain continues to change and Central Eastern Europe continues to play an integral role in this, we forecast that Pall-Ex Polska will continue to grow and integrate itself as a backbone to the domestic distribution landscape much like we did in the UK, all those years ago.

New geographical trading markets continue to open up and the number of opportunities for companies to source products at more competitive rates is increasing. With this comes a rise in demand for cost-effective logistic solutions, so that delivery does not negate the original savings made in new markets.

The model of collecting freight, transshipping it at our central hub and loading it onto outbound vehicles means members return to their depots with new freight onboard to deliver in their own areas. This makes sense both financially and environmentally as well as providing our clients with a trusted last-mile solution.

With a rapidly developing infrastructure Poland is already a major logistical gateway and is ready to welcome Pall-Ex Polska and the benefits it brings.

We are also in talks to launch networks in Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux and Turkey, with further announcements due to be made over the coming months.

For further details on the launch of Pall-Ex Polska and Pall-Ex’s other networks, visit


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