UK pallet networks have witnessed incredible growth over the last few years. Now that the market is approaching maturity, here Anand Assi, Project Director at Pall-Ex, explains what is next for the sector and how continental Europe offers a wealth of new opportunities and prospects.


The world is shrinking. As new geographical markets are continuing to open up and offer UK-based companies more competitive rates, the demand for distribution networks that operate across multiple territories is increasing.

With companies being able to source products from cheaper markets, it is important that the logistics costs do not negate the original savings. UK-based pallet networks should be bold and seize the opportunity to take their existing products and expand into these new markets. The UK leads the way in Europe with its pallet offering. This expertise offers up a key opportunity to be able to offer a more complete service to existing customers, as well as sourcing new ones across the continent.

In addition to this, the current economic situation across parts of mainland Europe is, in many ways, an opportunity that can help to facilitate growth in the long term. Businesses across the continent are looking to reduce supply chain costs, and pallet networks have proven to be a highly cost-effective solution. Taking the efficient UK model and introducing it to other countries will allow business owners operating in these localities to run leaner and more profitable businesses.

In 2011, we launched Pall-Ex Romania, the first palletised freight network in Eastern Europe. Networks are also in place in Italy, Iberia and now France. These will soon be joined by Poland to help create a truly European-wide palletised freight network.

Currently we are looking for a Principal National Partner to work with in Turkey. A pallet network here would operate as a gateway between mainland Europe and Asia, offering even greater opportunity for expansion.

The UK pallet market is beginning to mature, so now is the time for business leaders to look for new opportunities, both at home and abroad, to continue the success of recent years.


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