The CSCS Card, which is issued by Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), is increasingly being demanded as proof of competence by major organisations and employers in almost all industries.

CSCS was set up in the mid-90’s with the aim of improving site worker’s competence to reduce accidents and drive up on site skills and abilities.

The scheme keeps a database of those working in construction that achieve, or can demonstrate they have attained an agreed level of occupational competence. Successful applicants are issued with a card giving them a means of identification and proof of their achievements. Cards are increasingly demanded as evidence of occupational competence by contractors, public and private clients and others; today there are over 1.7 million cards in circulation.

The Rack Group Ltd installers started by acquiring the white and grey Construction Related Occupations (CRO) card or the Green, Construction Site Operative Card; The Rack Group then upgraded these cards when the CSCS scheme recognised the new accredited qualification “Specialist Installations Occupations – Industrial Storage Equipment” aimed at the installation of pallet racking. The Red trainee card and the Blue Craft Card were then introduced to the industry in recognition of the newly approved NVQ qualification. The Director of Operations at CSCS is currently looking at ways of recognising the Level 3 NVQ for Occupational Work Supervision and methods of integrating the Gold Card into the Industrial Storage Equipment sector of CSCS.

One of the reasons The Rack Group looked at obtaining the Gold Card was due to one of their major blue chip clients ASDA adopting the CSCS scheme. All contractors working for ASDA are required to work to the standards specified by ASDA’s Way of Working Document. This was prepared in partnership with the Partnering Contractors Health and Safety CIG (Contractors Improvement Group), providing contractors with a health and safety guide and standards required while working on ASDA’s sites.

Mike Abel ASDA’s General Manager has been quoted as saying “we stipulate that all people carrying out construction related activities on our sites can show that they have the requisite skills. With tradesman and operatives we insist that they have a CSCS card at the appropriate level for the activities they are undertaking”. Mike Abel. (2012). ASDA Focuses on CSCS to Support Health and Safety Targets. Available: Last accessed 2.09.2012.

Another of The Rack Group’s blue chip clients Sainsbury’s has also stated that having the CSCS card is crucial for all contractors working on their sites, Arthur Carruthers Project Manager at Sainsbury’s has been quoted as saying “CSCS enables us to ensure that anyone who comes onto a Sainbury’s site has a level of competence, which can be improved upon as contractors invest in their staff. CSCS cards started off as something that was desirable to have, but is now a compulsory requirement and is checked by our main contractors as part of the site induction process”. Arthur Carruthers. (2012). Sainsbury’s checkout value of CSCS. Available: Last accessed 2.09.2012.

Having the card is beneficial for both the employee and the employer. As an employer you are confident your supervisory employees are competent in the jobs they are doing, it also proves to potential customers that your employees are qualified to the highest level. The card benefits the employee because as an employee you are confident in your own abilities and workmanship.

The Rack Group is always looking at ways in which they can up skill their staff and the industry as a whole and therefore, all Supervisors have acquired their CSCS Gold card.

The Rack Group strives to have its supervisors and installers trained to the highest level possible. This ensures all work completed on site is to the highest standard possible.

An awards ceremony was held at Barnsley Football club on the 7th September 2012 to celebrate the achievement and to handout the Gold Card to The Rack Group supervisors along with other certificates of achievement from various other training organisations.

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