Sharing best practice and contributing to the safe and efficient operation of your materials handling fleet, is all part of the service from Impact Handling.

Everyone recognises that good maintenance is a key element for fleet safety, however by taking this a step further and including ongoing fleet analysis, Impact Handling is flagging up potential safety issues and is able to ensure that preventative maintenance is all part of the ongoing drive to improve both your efficiency and safety.

Pro-actively working to improve safety has the added benefit of reducing downtime, reducing injuries and therefore reducing overall costs. With measures that support drivers and encourage them to take greater responsibility for safety plus the back-up to meet their maintenance needs and concerns, the working environment is also improved.

Good management reporting highlights areas for improvement, whether it is simply better signage, adaptation of working practices or the type of equipment operated, meaning long term benefits can be achieved.

An example of this is seen at Cat Logistics where Impact Handling supplied FTC (fork truck control) fleet management systems to monitor damage and vehicle use. Each driver has their own individual key fob which identifies who is operating a truck at any time. The system provides feedback that helps with driver training and monitors and controls damage. By concentrating on safety and empowering the drivers to take responsibility, downtime through accidental damage has been minimised. Reducing accidental damage improves vehicle availability and moves a focus to maintenance and service support to ensure maximum vehicle utilisation.

The success of this approach is shared by Impact Handling’s Contract Managers and has prompted other customers to adopt this system. One client is currently using FTC to monitor vehicle impacts in order to improve driver comfort and safety. Aware that lift trucks are operating on uneven surfaces, running over expansion joints and in and out of buildings the system has been set to measure the frequency and strength of the impacts caused by the vibrations and jolts. The aim is to identify which areas of the yard and buildings may need to be improved to minimise adverse effects on the drivers. Even though all Cat Lift trucks are supplied with weight adjustable, suspension seats to maximise driver comfort, this customer is using the monitoring system as a pro-active step to enhance the driver benefits leading to improved operational efficiency.

Alongside the expertise provided, one of the key strengths that Impact Handling brings to all its materials handling contracts is the ability to offer genuine flexibility. By constantly monitoring fleet activity and the needs of the business not only is safety improved but the right equipment can be employed as operational needs change. The ability to modify a fleet is eased by the financial strength that Impact Handling’s parent company, Eqstra Holdings, bring. All equipment is purchased outright so there is no third party finance or charges that would present a significant barrier to change.

Good service, preventative maintenance and clear management reporting are all factors that help to deliver increased safety with the added bonus of improved efficiency. For drivers and equipment operators, good training, having the right equipment to do the job, the knowledge that it is properly maintained along with the empowerment to take responsibility creates a circle of improvement in terms of safety.

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