ZoneSafe technology offers standard and tailored safety systems to ensure all workers are protected whilst recognising the needs of operational requirements.


Materials handling vehicles and personnel are often required to work within close proximity in busy warehouses. Shelving units and other obstructions restrict field of view causing blind spots and when materials handling vehicles move around within close proximity to personnel, the possibility of accidental collisions occurring is high. Sadly statistics indicate that despite significant improvements in health and safety procedures, forklift truck accidents alone account for more than 800 workplace incidents per year. (FLTA 2014)

Avonwood Developments provide proven innovative RFID solutions using the latest technologies for safety, security and asset management applications. One of Avonwood’s leading safety solutions is ZoneSafe, a proximity warning and alert system designed to protect personnel and assets from accidental vehicle collisions.

Using active RFID technology, ZoneSafe provides a 360° detection zone around vehicles or assets and gives out an audible visual alert to the operator when an individual wearing a personal safety transponder is detected within close proximity to the machine. ZoneSafe can detect personnel and objects regardless of visual obstructions, eliminating driver blind spots and poor visibility issues. It can be installed onto any vehicle type or static machine as well as set up to provide exclusion zones around hazardous areas.


ZoneSafe technology offers standard and tailored safety systems to ensure all workers are protected whilst recognising the needs of operational requirements. In addition to personnel detection ZoneSafe can be used for vehicle to vehicle detection, warning of approaching vehicles near to walkways, exclusion zones, speed monitoring and data logging.

The ZoneSafe system has been implemented across various market sectors including Warehousing & Logistics, Waste & Recycling, Ports & Terminals, Construction, Aviation and Local Authorities. It has been effective within a number of sectors including working with Harsco Metals (Waste & Recycling), Molson Coors (Brewery) and DS Smith (Packaging Manufacturers).

DS Smith has implemented the ZoneSafe system in a number of packaging manufacturing sites.

Dave Ward the Logistics Manager from DS Smith Packaging in Featherstone: “The safety of our employees is paramount in our business and DSSP are always looking for initiatives and innovations that can help us provide as safe a working environment as possible. ZoneSafe provides a simple but significant addition to the fleet of trucks here at Featherstone combining ease of use with reliability. We are using this in areas where pedestrians and moving machinery have to work together and it has clearly improved the awareness and confidence of both truck operators and pedestrians. I consider this to be a major addition to our effective health and safety management systems.”


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