CRH is an international leader in building materials and currently uses a fleet of over 200, 2.5t to 8t engine counter balance trucks in its UK operations alone within Ibstock Brick, Forticrete and Supreme Concrete.

The CRH group, with numerous locations though out the UK and Mainland Europe has worked to  improve safety within its busy manufacturing facilities through the application of a revolutionary auto-reverse speed reduction aid developed in partnership with Linde Material Handling.

With employee safety being a primary objective, CRH group has decided to make a dramatic change to their current operational practises. The key change is the inclusion of a driver aid when reversing, which automatically slows down the truck through the transmission when the truck rear sensors are triggered.

Like all responsible manufacturers CRH requires optimum safety levels to ensure the smooth running of its businesses and Linde’s bespoke auto-reverse speed reduction system has made a significant difference to the safety levels. The system produces audible and visual warnings for drivers and pedestrians when a person or object is detected by the reverse sensors. At an agreed point, the speed reduction through the transmission is activated which then slows the truck down from 5kph to 1kph. This dramatically reduces the risk of collisions and serious injury to pedestrians when reversing.

CRH already has a significant number of the devices either installed or on order through Linde and are actively looking to promote the system widely throughout the brick and block market sector due to its own good experience on site – using Linde as champions of the device.

Wayne Sheppard, Managing Director of CRH Clay Europe said “I am very pleased with the support we have received in developing this new technology from Linde.  The need to develop this technology arose from becoming aware of several fatalities in the Industry caused by mobile plant reversing into pedestrians in factory yards and similar locations. We came to the conclusion that it was necessary to do more than try to separate pedestrians and mobile plant particularly as this is simply not possible in all circumstances. I am confident that this new system improves safety in the working environment for the employees in our Ibstock Brick & Forticrete locations.  It is our intention to progressively apply this system across all our locations as we renew our mobile plant fleet”

Paul Dillon, National Account Manager at Linde MH, said: “The CRH facilities are large operations where efficiency and safety go hand in hand. In view of their commitment to safety they decided that additional safety precautions were necessary in order to prevent accidents in storage, incoming goods, dispatch or manufacturing areas in particular. The auto-reverse speed reduction system was the necessary solution developed for CRH to meet this objective . The beauty of this device is that it not only automatically reduces reverse speed but produces audible warning alarms and also visual alarms- meaning that safety is not compromised in noisier production areas and that it aids driver awareness.

“We’re overwhelmed to be the chosen partner to CRH in the design and implementation of this device and are especially privileged that the company is championing this product on behalf of Linde within the building sector.”

For more information on the auto-reverse speed reduction system please contact your Linde account manager or visit

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