Marcel Braud, the creator of the first Manitou forklift and Chairman of Manitou visited Manitou UK offices at Verwood, Dorset in late April 2012 to celebrate 40 Years of Manitou UK Limited.

Marcel was accompanied by former Manitou International Sales Manager, Henri Gallard who acted as an interpreter. Manitou UK unveiled a fully restored MB25C forklift which was manufactured in 1972 and was displayed at the Verwood offices. The MB25C was a major influence in establishing Manitou as a respected brand in the early pioneering days of the rough terrain forklift in the UK & Ireland.

An original sales ledger document from 1972 detailing the purchase of the restored MB25C which was the 20th Manitou forklift sold in the UK was presented to Marcel Braud by Ivor Binns, Chief Executive Officer of Manitou UK Limited.

To commerate 40 Years of Manitou UK Marcel Braud planted a flowering cherry tree at the front of Manitou UK offices. A special occasion in light of the 46,000 Manitou machines sold since 1972.

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