The flooring within a warehouse environment is a very important element, which is often over looked, costing tenants and owner’s time and money. A poor flooring system can cause a number of problems which may not be necessarily obvious so it is important to consider a number of factors when choosing a flooring solution.

Leading UK resin flooring manufacturer RSL (Resin Surfaces Limited) have over 30 years of experience in providing the correct flooring solution for warehousing environments. RSL understand the importance of the specific requirements of these areas and have formulated a number of products with the ideal properties.

Health & Safety requirements

The Workforce Health & Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 state that surfaces should not have holes, or be uneven or slippery, and should be kept free from any article or substance which may cause a person to slip, trip or fall. Therefore it is important to keep an eye on the condition of the flooring within your environment

A heavy duty resin product such as RSL’s epoxy coating Resucoat HB provides a tough, resilient surface which due to both its thickness and chemical/abrasion resistant properties, will last a number of years Its seamless finish also means that trip hazards are minimized.

With slips, trips and falls still hitting the top spot for injuries in the work place it is important that measures are taken to make the environment as safe as possible. Providing an anti-slip flooring system will help dramatically reduce the risk of injury in the workplace, an important factor for busy warehouse environments. Anti-slip finishes are achievable by adding aggregates such as, Aluminium Oxide or Bauxite to Resucoat HB and other resin formulas. The addition of aggregates delivers a profiled surface which provides grip and traction for pedestrians.

Resucoat HB is a popular choice for Contractors and end users for industrial environments because the 100% solids content produces a tough and durable coating that will last for years to come.

Ivy Wroe, Managing Director at RSL said ‘We understand the importance of Health and Safety in warehouses and similar environments therefore this was one of the main factors considered when manufacturing some of our formulas. We believe it is imperative to know all the different aspects of an area before we specify a product and over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience of warehouse and industrial locations.’

Floor Marking

With the use of fork lift trucks in industrial and warehouse environments, it is vital for walkways and traffic areas to be clearly marked. This is something that may need repeating over the years if the lines fade and become less clear.

RSL’s Resuline is the ideal product for line marking these areas; this high build coating is very hard wearing and can be applied to a variety of different surfaces. It is also a fast curing product, ideal for areas where a fast return to service is required.

It is always tempting to be influenced by price when purchasing, but when it comes to floors you need to consider what the life expectancy is. A resin may cost you more at the time than floor paint but the hard wearing properties mean it will last a lot longer before requiring repair.

RSL find the right solution for Lindab

A good example of how RSL provided the correct product specification for a warehouse environment is at Lindab factories in Trafford Park; an international group who provide solutions to the building and ventilation industries.

The factory floor substrate was highly contaminated with chemicals and oils, causing a number of hazards for staff working in the area. RSL assessed the area and provided a solution which rejuvenated the area and provided a floor which is durable and safe.

Firstly, the substrate was mechanically ground to open up the concrete and allow it to be cleaned. The surface was treated with R.S. Oil Remover, which penetrates, breaks down, and lifts the oily contaminants away from the surface. Once this was completed the surface was then thoroughly cleaned again using a scrubber dryer with R.S. Industrial Floor Cleaner to ensure as much of the contamination was removed as possible.

Once this process was complete, R.S. Oil Tolerant Primer was applied which will tolerate residual oil and stop traces of contamination leeching through to the surface.

Finally 2 coats of Resucoat HB, a high build solvent free epoxy resin coating system were applied as a coating system that is suitable for industrial traffic.

The result is a durable and seamless floor finish, free from contamination, which is also easy to keep clean.

If you are looking for the ideal flooring answer for a new warehouse project or your current floor is in need of refurb, then a resin system could be the answer. A resin floor will withstand the pressures put upon it from a demanding environment for years to come. RSL can help to specify the ideal solution for you.

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