GrowHow UK Limited upgrade real time solution across their Ince manufacturing facility. The upgrade integrates state of the art data collection technology and service solutions by Belgravium Ltd to maximise operational efficiency within GrowHow’s stock movement and vehicle loading operations.

GrowHow UK Limited is the UK’s premier fertiliser manufacturer and a major supplier of process chemicals and utilities. Located at Ince, Chester and Billingham they manufacture over 1.4 million tonnes of fertiliser per annum for the grass and arable farming sectors.

GrowHow continue to invest in their production facilities and systems to ensure reliable management of their operations.  As a result of this, GrowHow made the decision to develop their real time data capture solution and have formed an agreement with leading mobile computing solutions providers and existing suppliers, Belgravium, to upgrade their existing system.

The upgraded solution will make optimum use of Belgravium IT technology securing additional efficiency and operational gains throughout GrowHow’s 55 hectare operation. Utilising Belgravium’s own “Rugged by Design” Monaco truck mounted terminals, the integrated solution is set to secure fast, reliable and accurate data capture at key points throughout GrowHow’s manufacturing facility. The solution will also provide real time instructions and information for stock movement and vehicle loading operations allowing the facility to be run at optimum efficiency and without error.

The system will be backed by a comprehensive suite of service and maintenance facilities which will cover the life of the solution from robust integration, to installation, through to on-going maintenance and future upgrades.

The Belgravium system is already an integral part of GrowHow operation and will also see further rollouts in the North East as GrowHow continue to expand their operations into 2013. Bill Hulley, IS Manager at GrowHow comments, “Having worked with Belgravium for over 20 years, we are very excited by the potential of the upgraded real time solution. The additional capabilities will provide us with even more control and transparency of our operation which in turn will continue to drive our commitment to delivering a truly first class service and product to our customer base”.

Belgravium Ltd

Karen Taylor, Marketing Executive

Tel: 01274 741860


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  1. IT has integrated itself in every business and it is one of the leading advantage to process information on real time basis and take appropriate decision effectively.

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