ASDA takes the quiet approach to deliveries with the BT Lifter Silent from Toyota.

ASDA and Toyota Material Handling UK lower the volume of deliveries with an innovative addition to the warehouse equipment family.

The new 50,000 sq ft ASDA retail site at Romford which is located in a residential area near a apartment block was equipped with a BT Lifter Silent shortly after opening as a result of complaints from local residents about the noise levels of out of hours deliveries.

The BT Lifter Silent is specifically designed for applications requiring quiet handling of goods as noise levels from the truck do not exceed 60 decibels (dBA), which is approximately the same volume as two people talking in a normal tone of voice.

Keeping the Romford store operating from 7am until 10pm 6 days a week requires deliveries outside of regular business hours. Varn Ullyart, Head of Assets ASDA said: “Toyota had the ideal product to enable deliveries to take place during unsocial hours without compromising the wellbeing of local residents.”

Trevor Whitehead, Contract Manager for Toyota assessed the situation at Romford and recommended the BT Lifter Silent. “After the truck was demonstrated it became apparent that the BT Lifter Silent virtually eliminated the noise issues which were previously causing problems.” The BT Lifter Silent is equipped with high-quality rubber steering wheels and powerthane bogie wheels for whisper-quiet operation.

As with other trucks in the BT Lifter range the BT Lifter Silent comes with a unique lifetime (99-year) guarantee on forks and frame.

The ASDA site in Romford is now able to continue with deliveries during unsocial hours, ensuring regular deliveries of fresh produce with minimum disturbance to residents.


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