Where customers have a low number of SKUs to storage volume ratio, then “multi depth” storage systems can be extremely effective.

‘Multi depth’ storage systems, such as the Jungheinrich Under Pallet Carrier (UPC) and In Pallet Carrier (IPC), offer a cost effective way of achieving high density storage while allowing goods to be handled in a controlled manner.

The UPC and IPC systems provide both space and throughput efficiencies and are increasingly seen as cost-effective alternatives to traditional systems such as  drive-in racking and pallet live storage.

In simple terms, the UPC and IPC systems feature a ‘shuttle’ that travels along channels within the racking which is fitted with guide rails. The systems can operate in both LIFO and FIFO modes and also accommodate functionality that allows entire rack channels to be emptied with the simple push of a button.

Both Euro and UK perimeter-based pallet types can be placed within the multi depth channels using a conventional forklift truck.

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