Site deliveries at the new Cobham services on the M25 have been made far easier and safer thanks to the new water ballasted platform from Loadsafe.

Designed primarily to ensure the safety of those unloading from trucks on site, especially where no edge protection is present, the new Loadsafe platform used at Cobham services has been developed specifically for this project and as such, has seen its very first ‘in action’ use.

Working as a prototype and designed by Loadsafe for this particular project, the water ballasted platform has helped to make unloading a simpler and more importantly safer process. Easy to move into place using a forklift, the platform makes it possible for the site worker to safely unload from an artic, which can measure up to 17 metres in length, by clipping on to the surrounding railing of the platform with a safety harness. With water ballast tanks distributed on either side of the platform to hold it firmly in place too, those unloading can be sure that it will not jolt or move whilst delivery is taking place.

Steve Tomkins, Contracts Manager – Balfour Beatty Regional Civil Engineering, said: “Considering safety specifically, especially in instances where edge protection is not fully integrated by those making deliveries, the Loadsafe platform helps to ensure the safety of the operator is not risked whilst delays to the delivery itself can be eradicated. With the Cobham site under construction for around 18 months, we needed a platform that could stand up to the daily rigours placed upon it – the Loadsafe platform achieved just that and has been incredibly easy to transport from one area to another, making it a worthwhile addition during on-site works.”

Manufactured to withstand up to 5kn per m3 of downward force, the Loadsafe platform ensures the maximum level of safety is achieved at all times, whether loading or unloading once on site.

Allowing for quick and easy unloading schedules, the Loadsafe platform can be very easily moved into place and secured using the weight from two Intermediate Bulk Containers, which act as a water ballast. Using an effective sliding platform, which helps to make loading far easier as there is no need to keep moving the entire unit, the Loadsafe platform has been cleverly designed to make deliveries as safe and quick as possible, and helps to overcome the issues often faced on busy sites where the safety of workers can be sometimes overlooked.


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