Gleeson Group, Ireland’s leading supplier and distributor of beverage products, has signed a €250,000 contract with international mobile technology solutions provider Heavey RF Group to deploy advanced voice warehouse solution technology across its distribution operations throughout Ireland.

Gleeson Group is well known for its manufacturing and delivery of brands such as Tipperary Water, Finches soft drinks, Bavaria lager, Blossom Hill, Santa Rita and Faustino wines to shops, restaurants, catering companies, distributors, supermarkets and public houses ranking it within the top 20 private companies in Ireland. Heavey RF Group was selected from a thorough tender process to implement a solution which will unify Gleeson’s multiple host back-end systems and provide them full visibility of their operations with easy to access up-to-the-second data.

“Their unrivalled experience and reputation drove our decision to select Heavey RF,” said Stephen Meleady, Gleeson Group General Manager. “The number of successful implementations and reference sites we were able to access provided us with a clear vision of what benefits we would be seeing in our own operations in just a short period of time.”

Heavey RF replaced Gleeson Group’s manual system with the progressive voice-directed work technology from their long-time partner, Vocollect. More than 80 end users across various workflows are now able to perform their duties both eyes-free and hands-free, streamlining their tasks and creating a less stressful working environment. Mobile workers can now interact in a more intuitive and efficient way without referencing long lists or images of products.

Since going live with the first wave of implementations, Gleeson is already realizing a 25% productivity gain in both their bonded and non-bonded distribution facilities. Processes have now been standardized throughout the organization that tackle stringent customs requirements and maintain the necessary restricted access to particular products.

“Gleeson’s needs were complex, but certainly attainable,” said Ronan Clinton, Heavey RF Chief Executive. “We have long been familiar in collaborating with multiple backend service providers in order to bring an innovative voice solution that can be applied throughout a distribution operation. That, combined with our voice integration software VocalPoint™, we are able to provide Gleeson with complete visibility and flexibility across all of their operations.”

Utilizing VocalPoint™, Heavey RF’s award winning voice solution integration software, Gleeson is able to gain complete and immediate access to data synchronized from all of their sites using configurable capacity graphs, productivity performance views and manage any exceptions that occur on their floor.

“The entire development and voice implementation process from start to finish was very straightforward and uncomplicated,” said Patrick Tynan, Gleeson Group Project Manager. “Our first ‘Go-Live’ was within a month of beginning the project. The Heavey RF staff worked with us every step of the way to make sure our goals were achieved, and shared processes that actually enhanced our workflows. Because of this, we have seen an 11.3% reduction in errors.”

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