Nationwide pallet distribution provider CFT Services installs Zehnder Clean Air Solutions as part of their on-going commitment to raising standards for their customers and employees.

Servicing a wide range of industries with urgent and standard deliveries across the county, CFT Services handles over 500 pallets a day. With products ranging from pet food to soap and white goods their 30,000 square foot warehouse is fully operational 24/7 and 362 days a year.

The constant movement of cartons and pallets within the distribution warehouse was unfortunately having a negative effect. John Wild, Operations Director at CFT Services explains, “The cleanliness of merchandise is an important factor in our business and dusty freight is not acceptable to us, let alone our customers. Long standing freight would often have to be cleaned before shipping and this added extra work load to our business. Moreover as an employee conscious company we were also concerned with the level of airborne dust being generated by our activities. So as part of our on-going commitment to improving our customer service levels and the working conditions of our staff, we felt it necessary to address the issue of nuisance dust and contacted Zehnder for a premises survey”.

Following initial concentration tests CFTs suspicions were indeed confirmed and dust concentration levels were higher than advised by the World Health Organisation. A bespoke solution to meet the site requirements was then proposed and the installation of one E12000 and three E3000 ceiling mounted Zehnder Clean Air Solutions units shortly followed. Simple to install the units were mounted throughout the warehouse with no disruption to everyday operations.

The technology behind the Zehnder units is very simple and features the unique Flimmer® filter. Functioning like a continuous vacuum cleaner the units filter the dust from the air, however in contrast to conventional industrial systems, the Flimmer® filter consists of thousands of electro-statically charged, fine polypropylene fibres which attract and catch the dust. This unique filtering technique provides an extremely high level of dust and particulate removal whilst maintaining the clean air delivery rate. The large surface area also prevents clogging, frequent filter changes and pressure loss.

After 3 months of operation the warehouse area was re-tested and even at this early stage the results were clearly visible. The warehouse had experienced an overall reduction in the level of dust particulate of 60%. Over time, as more dust is removed from the area, an improved overall reduction is expected.

John Wild, Operations Director at CFT Services affirms “We are highly delighted with the results of the Zehnder units. Most importantly they have significantly improved the indoor air quality and working environment for our employees. With 6-7 operatives working on a 24 hour rota we have a busy schedule. By ensuring a pleasurable working environment we can reduce sickness and increase productivity.

The units are also helping us make considerable cost savings on cleaning. Pallets on a short turn around require no maintenance and long standing freight now remains clean, so we are able to achieve greater efficiencies. It is clear the decision to install the units has had a positive affect all round”.

Zehnder Technical Services

Tel: 01252 515151

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