Spirit Data Capture Limited, the independent mobile computing and data capture specialist, has supplied a new device management system to Tuffnells Parcel Express – Soti’s ‘MobiControl’ solution. This has boosted the speed and efficiency of Tuffnell’s mobile devices, leading to streamlined processes and higher productivity.

Tufnells specialises in ‘next day’ business-to-business delivery throughout the UK.. An integral part of its service is the ability to offer electronic proof of delivery. A confirmation is available within seconds of the delivery taking place on the vast majority of consignments. However, the company’s existing mobile support and deployment solution was outdated and needed replacing.

The company started looking for an effective solution. Technical Support manager, David Dunhill, explains: “We needed something that would be easy to configure and use, well supported and reliable. We consulted Spirit Data Capture, as we have used their expertise for a number of years.”

Spirit recommended MobiControl, a powerful device management, helpdesk and security system developed by Soti. MobiControl uses award-winning technology and can be used to manage both mobile and desktop devices.

David Dunhill comments: “We liked MobiControl because it was easy to configure and use and it did the job we required. Our devices are used in the warehouse and run an application that our warehouse porters use. The porters scan the freight onto vehicles which enables us to offer a track and trace service to our customers.”

He adds: “Spirit have also provided us with the hardware, software and licensing for a large section of our mobile infrastructure. Our mobile devices now run a lot faster and the benefits have also been seen in our support department, as the devices are very easy to support and build.”

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