With the Panasonic Toughbook™ already an industry standard amongst users that require a compact, ruggedised and spec-boasting mobile terminal, the new ruggedised Toughpad™ propels Panasonic into the niche market of industrial tablet computing.

Driven by pervasive engineering and consumer demand, the Toughpad™ certainly does not disappoint and nor do the mounting options made available by RAM Mount UK™. The new RAM Tough-Tray II™ holder provides a unique, adaptable and secure mounting solution for a variety of tablets and netbooks including the 10” Panasonic Toughpad™ FZ-A1.

Incorporating an automatic spring-loaded adjustment system to allow for fast insertion and removal of your device, with the ability to freely manipulate the mounts orientation via an additional ball & socket joint, the Tough-Tray II™ offers a fuss-free solution to mounting and positioning a number of mobile electronics at any angle anywhere in your vehicle.

With the option to connect the Tough-Tray II™ to a variety of surfaces via a number of available bases such as seat-rail, suction, U-bolt, adhesive, clamp and more; placement and transfer of your device between applications has never been easier.

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