The current affair of global economics is looking rather drab, it seems every other week another European Country is on the brink of collapse due to crippling debt and lengthy recessions.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, Rack Armour continues to do its part for UK exports and manufacturing, distributing to well over 70 countries, and shipping 90% of goods from their UK based manufacturing centre throughout Europe, saving UK jobs and contributing to British exports at the same time.

Sales of the market leading product have never been better, and it’s easy to see why, cost savings include a proven 80% + decrease in damage, an amount that would benefit any company, Rack Armour’s global users include Wal-Mart, Tesco, DHL, B&Q, Mercedes, McDonalds, IKEA, Coca Cola, Sainsbury’s, Toyota, Aston Martin, Lowes, ASDA and Disney to name a few.

“Times are tough” says Richard Nelson, Marketing Coordinator, “The recession has really hit individuals and companies hard, saving money is a real priority, and what better way to save than to have Rack Armour installed on your racks? We have enjoyed our best year to date, as more companies are installing the guard and reaping the benefits of undamaged racking”.

Rack Armour don’t only have a UK based manufacturing centre, they also have centres in the USA and Australia, this allows Rack Armour to service new and emerging markets without the product costing the earth, and also keeps the carbon footprint of the guard to a minimum.

“Having the three manufacturing centres has really given us an edge in the market” notes Jenny Charlton, Director, “each geographical area has different racking types/makes/sizes etc, and manufacturing in these areas has allowed us to accommodate specifically for that market, keeping not only emissions to a minimum, but also saving companies a lot of time and money”.

Containers of the innovative rack protection have been shipped as far as South Africa in the past month, other shipping locations have recently included Singapore, Germany, Portugal, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Taiwan, Japan and China, proving Rack Armour’s worth on the global stage.

If you find racking damage is becoming a problem on your site, why not contact Rack Armour Ltd. We can provide a full visit to assess problem areas and help rectify these with the leading rack protection product on the market. Make the change and contact us today, or alternatively if you are interested in joining Rack Armour’s distributor network please contact us for a full welcome pack.

Rack Armour

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  1. If your internet business will involve danger and you would like to shield your team when travelling to and from areas looked at risky, enabling them to journey in an armoured car or truck is a smart approach.

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