A new fork lift truck battery rental scheme introduced by Hoppecke Industrial Batteries is designed to guarantee power for as long as it is needed. At the same time, the company has announced a new flexible power provision scheme where customers are only charged for the power that they use.

The Hoppecke trak® rent scheme allows users of materials handling equipment to rent batteries on short-, medium- and long-term contracts to suit the needs and budgets of their business.

Supplying products from one of the largest available rental stocks in Europe, Hoppecke can deliver in a matter of days all popular battery types direct to the customer’s premises. Hoppecke says that by spreading their battery costs customers won’t have to commit to long-term investment, which in some cases would make their cashflow easier to manage.

The rental offer is especially suited to companies who have seasonal businesses, such as the period around Christmas when their need for fork lift batteries may increase temporarily.

Equally, in these tight economic times, if a company needs to replace a battery but doesn’t have the budget for it they can rent one for a short-term period. Then, when business picks up and the company needs additional batteries but doesn’t want to commit to purchasing them, it can take advantage of the longer term Hoppecke rental system.

The new Hoppecke flexible battery charging scheme – called trak® flex – enables customers to pay for the energy they use and nothing more. Hoppecke supplies all the hardware required, including high frequency trak® air chargers that measure the amperage throughput against which the customer is billed.

Just like conventional electricity bills, the user pays a monthly standing charge for the hardware then pays for the throughput of the battery – so if they use less energy one month they pay less, which has the benefit of aligning the cost of running a company’s fleet of fork lifts with its business levels and turnover. As well as overall flexibility, the customer can enjoy lower electricity costs and reduced charging costs. The trak® flex package also includes all servicing, giving users a fully maintained product throughout the contract.

Says Gus Whyte, Sales Director – National Accounts and Systems at Hoppecke Industrial Batteries: “Peace of mind is priceless when it comes to fork lift batteries so under these new schemes we are guaranteeing the provision of power for as long as the customer wants to operate the equipment. At the same time, having flexible billing will help users to manage their energy costs in line with their business turnover and profits.”

He adds: “Being in control is the key and trak® flex is a truly flexible system which gives the customer power that he pays for only when he uses it – supported by all the maintenance required by the system.”

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David Millett

Tel: 01782 667305

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