Just over two years ago Hyundai Heavy industries launched their first heavy forklift range. With machines from 11 to 16 ton and a load center distance of 600 mm.

In the heavy forklift class two models have been added, the new 180D-7E with a load capacity of 18 t while the 250D-7E can carry 25 ton, both with a load centre distance of 1.200 mm.

In this heavy range modern Cummins engines, ZF gearboxes and Kessler axles are the foundation for optimum power and high capacity in all operating conditions.

For optimal fuel consumption these machines are equipped with a load sensing system; e.g.: The flow of the pump is reduced when no mast movement is required. Besides fuel consumption improvement, engine power can be transferred completely to the drive system.

With these types Hyundai now offers a complete range of diesel forklift trucks from 1,5 t to 25 t load capacity, so there is a machine for almost all customer needs. Besides the diesel, LPG and battery driven forklifts are available aswell as a product pallet of warehouse equipment.

Both 18 and 25 ton machines have a load indicator system as standard. At all times it displays the weights on the forks and when the maximum permissible load is exceeded a visual and audible alarm, on the display mounted in the cabin, will warn the driver.

Rear view camera images are viewed on the latter, this to improve safety for driving backwards. For more side, forward or top view visibility three more additional cameras can be mounted as an option.

Air conditioning is standard on the new forklifts to make working conditions as comfortable as possible for the driver. Both new machines also have the Hyundai tilting cabin. The cabin can be completely tilted to the side for easy access for service work. Design modifications to all the forklifts in the medium and heavy range (from 5 t to 25 t load capacity) have also resulted in a much better view through mast and offer a better view through the roof window and better all round visibility.

Wide view masts are available to best suit any lift height and application and to facilitate a quick exchange of attachments a terminal west type fork carriage can be obtained.

For more information about the Hyundai forklift models visit: www.hyundai.eu or download the Hyundai heavy forklift truck application on your ipad.



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