Having its roots in a small wood working company, VAN DRIMMELEN has evolved into one of the largest and most respected timber merchants in the Netherlands. In addition to standard softwood supply, the company also concentrates on timber processing and specialist prefabricated buildings so as to offer customers a totally integrated service ethic.

Optimal Material Handling through optimal work spread

Fast, safe and efficient logistics has to be one of the key considerations of a company. Given that the BULMOR sideloader design is absolutely safe and ideal for this sector Van Drimmelen now operates a BULMOR electric fleet of six sideloaders and six fourway-sideloaders which are constantly occupied placing timber in stock, preparing it for dispatch or handling cargo between the individual processes. Van Drimmelen use for each logistic task the best machine fit for the job. Conventional sideloaders bridge the large distances within the vast site with ease. The large wheels provide for a comfortable ride and a good all-round vision. The powerful electric drives provide ample site speed combined with avoiding emissions, reducing the noise level to a minimum and reducing maintenance costs. To best utilise the high cost of storage buildings the company has chosen fourway-sideloaders which increase storage density instead of adding more premises and so truly represent an investment with rapid payback. Equally the all-wheel steering ensures the goods are condensed as much as possible and the trucks can fit within confined areas. A high grade of flexibility is ensured by equipping the fourways’ with rubber tyres for outside usage and choosing electric driven sideloaders allowing them to be used inside buildings. All in all the best result and solution.


Tel: (+43) 7262 583970

Email: info@bulmor.co


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