Storage and materials handling specialist, CI Logistics, has recently completed a major storage installation for the UK’s leading supplier of bespoke corporate clothing, Dimensions. The new storage system has more than doubled the storage capacity of warehouse B, one of the company’s large warehouses at its Long Eaton base, from one million to over two million garments.

The extensive project involved converting the existing single tier storage area into a double tier garment hanging and shelving system together with the installation of two blocks of 11 runs of mobile shelving.

Steve Cassapi is the logistics director at Dimensions, he comments, “The warehouse B project was part of a much larger undertaking for us. We integrated another of our operations which was located in the South West into Long Eaton, taking the equivalent of 250,000 sq ft of operational and storage space and putting it into a building that is 110,000 sq ft. We’ve also built two brand new extensions, in effect turning what were access roads into warehouses, and installed new racking into three of our warehouses B,C and G.

“We chose CI Logistics to carry out the most complex of the three projects – the work in warehouse B. Not only were they installing mobile shelving, they were also tasked with transforming the single tier storage into a two tier system. This involved building a mezzanine floor, walkways and installing garment racking and shelving in a busy working environment, with Dimensions operatives sometimes working just feet away.

“From a project management point of view this was the scariest part of the entire project. I only trusted CI to do it because of my historical relationship with them; over the years they have carried out most of our major installations to a high standard and we’ve developed a strong working partnership. Once again they proved completely reliable, finishing on time and in budget and most importantly of all, without mishap.”

The two blocks of 11 runs of imposing mobile shelving are 27ft high with a central aisle, and within each of these a central fixed run of shelving divides the block in two – allowing two working aisles per block at any one time. Full cartons of garments are stored on 1.8 metre bays of longspan shelving. The mobile racks run on tracks built into a new timber floor that has been created on top of the existing concrete floor. A small ramp at the leading edge allows access for the man up Caddy Stockpicker which is used to pick cartons from the higher shelving levels.

Cassapi concludes, “The mobile shelving installed by CI Logistics really maximises the utilisation of storage space for our garments. Traditionally this type of shelving would be used for slower moving stock, but as it is so easy to use we’ve put mid paced moving product into it too as it only takes a few seconds to open it up and retrieve the cartons. Levels 1, 2 and 3 are very accessible and we use those for active picks, above that we place the slower moving and bulk stock.

“In total we have created an extra 400,000 stock locations in warehouse B which now holds 2.2m garments. This has made the facility significantly more cost effective and efficient. I’m proud to say that even though this was a very complex build we didn’t miss one single day of service or production during the entire project.”

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