It has been just over 12 months since palletised freight network Pall-Ex launched its TWINE IT system, promising a more efficient way to manage shipments and a host of added benefits for its customers.

Warehouse and Logistics News asked Pall-Ex’s director or IT, Sean Sherwin-Smith if TWINE has lived up to these claims and delivered its promise.

TWINE was developed to allow both members and customers to manage their own shipments as well as Pall-Ex consignments in real-time. Advanced users can also bolt on a host of back office functions including finance, HR, warehouse, and CRM solutions.

Twelve months down the line, I am pleased to say that we are seeing some highly favourable results.

The real-time nature of the system has helped to streamline hub and depot operations, helping to reduce labour costs for many members in the process. The system also safely stores centralised data, which allows it to be used to greater effect across the network. The strategic nature of the data is helping to win new contracts, worth in excess of £1m.

Just a year after the launch, we are seeing TWINE producing real cost savings and helping to bring new business to our members and further growth for Pall-Ex as a whole.

From a network point of view, it has facilitated the use of the latest technology. Motorola ES400 PDA devices have been issued to all drivers. Consignments are scanned at the delivery point and, along with proof of delivery, the data is transmitted in real-time to TWINE using 3G mobile technology.

This scan data compliments the already detailed depot and hub location scanning, helping to avoid discrepancies, boost efficiency and provide complete transparency of a consignment’s journey through the network as it happens.

In addition, TWINE is providing further strategic data around market vertical penetration and risk analysis, ensuring members are in a strong position to capitalise on growth as trading conditions slowly improve.

TWINE has also been instrumental in our ambition to establish a full Pan-European palletised freight offering.

Just two months after the UK launch, TWINE went live alongside the launch of Pall-Ex Iberia. TWINE’s design meant that redevelopment took just 14 weeks. With every new network, redevelopment is becoming even quicker, when Pall-Ex Romania began operations in December 2011, it took just 15 days.

This is really just the start. We are constantly looking at ways of developing TWINE even further, and offering even greater support to our customers, as the network continues to grow.


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